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Our San Antonio Lawn & Garden offers you the best value for your Outdoor Living investment. 
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Welcome to Our Lawn and Garden Division, San Antonio's #1 Lawn & Garden Installaton. We have been serving Bexar County for 5 years and we have established ourselves as lawn and garden specialists. We install complete lawns including sod, planters, gardens and trees. We have all the services you require in order to establish and maintain a beautiful Yard, Lawn and Garden.

We are San Antonio's leading Sod Installation Service with the lowest prices!
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Sodding your lawn gives it  instant beauty without  the time consuming task of seeding. San Antonio Landscaping can help find the finest top quality sod around.  You will be assured of a beautiful lawn that will be enjoyed for years to come.
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We have the best installation process in South Texas
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We install different types of planters & tree rings including Steel Edging, Stone, Concrete Garden Blocks, Paver Stones and much more!

We offer super low prices!
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We can share our expertise to help you design a new planter or garden. Whether it's for a new look, update or maybe you are looking to take care of an issue like erosion, we offer the best prices in South Texas.
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