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San Antonio Sod Installation

Get your New Lawn Installed – The Right Way – The First Time!
There are many, many Sod Installation Companies in the San Antonio area but most of them do not know or Care to do Install New Lawns Correctly. Time & time again, we see Installers who just Weed-Eat & throw the New Sod down on the ground on top of the old Grass! They know that as long as the customer waters it correctly, it could last about a year or so before the customer has to replace it, again!

A Picture of a Brand New Lawn Installed - Sod Installation

Trust the Experts to the Install!
Unlike other Landscape Installers – San Antonio Landscaping does not just Weed-Eat the old grass and throw new Sod on top. We have an extensive process that was designed by top Agriculture Experts. We kill the existing grass/weeds, Complete Removal, Ground Tilling w/ Professional Machinery, add Starter Fertilizers, add Organic Topsoil, address Drainage Issues, Ground Preparation & Leveling, Sod Rolling, Proper Watering & more! Sod Installation is done right!

The Best Installation Process

10 Step Sod Installation Process
We have a proven Sod Installation Process developed by Horticulture Experts that will ensure that you have the best lawn in your neighborhood!

Landscape Installing Sod

Choose the Best Sod for your Property

Sod Comparison
The most important step to having a beautiful lawn in choosing the right type of lawn for your property.

South Texas Sod Types

Upfront Sod Installation Prices

We offer the best prices on our Complete 10-Step Installation Process. Includes Suppressing your current Grass/Weeds 3-4 days before the installation. Old Grass Removal, Ground Tilling w/ Machine, Debri Clearing, Grading, (Topsoil if needed), Compacting, Installation, Lawn Rolling & Thorough Watering Process.

A Picture of a Brand New Lawn Installed - Sod Installation


Perfect for Open Field or Sloped Areas
Starting at
$630 Per Pallet


Pefect for areas that get Full Sun Light
Starting at
$575 Per Pallet


Perfect for Shady Areas
Starting at
$575 Per Pallet


Perfect for Shady or Sunny Areas
Starting at
$650 Per Pallet