Sod Installation

What’s the best time to get my new lawn installed?

Unlike other parts of the country, Sod can be laid year-round in the San Antonio Area. So the best time can vary by opinion. We successfully install sod all year, even in the winter. It just takes different amounts of water and care based on the temperatures. We will give you our opinion of the best time to install sod below.

Landscape Advice based on your Location

People often make the mistake of getting advice from people who live in New York, for example. Obviously they can’t install sod in the winter because of the temperatures and all of the snow on the ground. So the best time to install sod in those regions would be late spring or even summer months where their temperatures are in the high 70’s or low 80’s on the warmest days. In the South Texas area, Sod can be laid even in the winter months. Keep in mind that the sod will be dormant and yellow but as long as it is installed correctly, it will establish and flourish in the Spring.

Is there a Best Time for South Texas Sod Installation?

Now, because the installation of a new Lawn can put a dent into our Budgets, we want to take every step possible in assuring the best results. The very best time to install sod in our area would be Spring and early Fall because the cooler temperatures along with the rain showers will help the Sod Root quickly. It is also nice to get your New Lawn installed during the Spring Season because it will have plenty of time to get established so that you and your family can enjoy it come summertime.

What about Summer?

When laying sod in the Summer, it will require a little more water than other times of the year because it will evaporate faster due to the higher temperatures but it can also establish faster because of the full sun & warmer temperatures. We have installed sod in the hottest months of the year and came back 2 weeks later and we can’t pull a piece of sod up, meaning that it’s already created a solid root formation.

Conclusion about Laying Sod

Remember that one of the benefits of living in warmer climates, like South Texas is that you can get a new lawn installed year-round without too much concern, as long as it’s installed correctly and you follow the recommended watering schedule. Call us if you have any further questions about the best time to install sod.