San Antonio Bermuda Sod

The downside to Bermuda Sod is the aggressive quality that also makes it so popular. Flower beds or other adjacent areas can be overrun if not kept in check by constant edging or applications of herbicides. This is one of the grasses that can “return from the dead” if not completely killed the first time due to its extensive root system, and just digging it up without getting rid of the roots will not solve the problem.  Repeated applications of glyphosate, such as Roundup, are usually required to kill Bermuda.

A Yard with Bufflalo Grass Installed

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The Pros of Bermuda Grass:
• Bermuda grass grows best in full sun.
• Bermuda grass has a medium to fine texture.
• Bermuda grass is drought-resistant and highly versatile
• Bermuda Grass is salt tolerant.
• Bermuda grass is easy to establish from seed.

Bermuda Types

Common Bermudagrass

Common Bermudagrass is a fine-textured Bermuda used mostly in commercial applications. This Bermuda has a high formation of seed heads producing viable seeds and is a very invasive type of Sod.

Not the best for residential lawns.
Drought Tolerant
New Lawn Installed for Residential Homeowner

Bermuda Common Turfgrass Variety

Tifway 419

419 is a deep green hybrid bermudagrass with an excellent impact-absorbing cushion, making it a preferred surface for sports and golf and full sun residential and commercial applications in San Antonio, TX, & Surrounding Areas.

It is invasive & hard to kill
Perfect for Sunny Areas
Very Drought Tolerant

Bermuda Tifway 419 Turfgrass Variety


Tiftuf Bermudagrass, developed through rigorous testing and research, stands out for its exceptional drought resilience and water efficiency, making it an ideal choice for San Antonio’s variable climate. Its deep root system allows it to thrive in both dry conditions and during occasional heavy rains, ensuring a lush, green lawn throughout the seasons.

Superior drought resistance
Thrives in full sun and partial shade
Maintains vibrant green color under stress
Rapid recovery from physical damage

Close-up view of Tiftuf Bermuda grass showcasing its dense texture and vibrant green color


Celebration Bermudagrass is highly drought tolerant and quite reasonably appealing with its naturally dark, blue-green color. Celebration sod has earned a reputation for its toughness and ability to withstand wear and tear in sports and golf use, adapted to all areas of San Antonio.

Exceptional wear tolerance and recovery
Adaptable to various soil types
Low water and maintenance requirements
Suitable for high-traffic areas

Bermuda Celebration Turfgrass Variety


TifSport is a fine-textured, cold, hardy, consistent, rich, dark green hybrid Bermudagrass selected for its tolerance to close mowing. It is overall superior to 419 Tiffway, the standard in Texas for Sports, Golf, Residential, and Commercial applications.

Cold hardy and fine-textured
Ideal for premium sports and golf applications
Consistent, rich dark green color
High tolerance to close mowing and environmental stress

Bermuda Tifsport Turfgrass Variety

CT-2 Bermudagrass

CT-2 is a deep blue-green, fine-textured bermudagrass producing very aggressive lateral growth, thus establishing itself quickly and recovering from the damage. CT-2 is well adapted to all areas of Texas and provides excellent sports and golf turf, as well as commercial and residential sod use.

Aggressive lateral growth for quick establishment
Deep blue-green color enhances curb appeal
Excellent choice for sports, golf, and residential lawns
Adaptable to a wide range of climate conditions

Bermuda CT2 Turfgrass Variety