Landscaping Estimates & Quotes

Do you need a Landscaping Estimate, Consultation, or a Quote?

It really depends on the Stage that you are in.

If you just want a roundabout price to have an idea of what something costs than you probably need a Free Landscaping Estimate.

But, If you already have an idea of what a Service Costs, you have the money and you want to compare pricing to make sure that you are getting the best pricing possible than you definitely need a Free Landscaping Quote.

You might also need a Landscape Design. Read more about Landscape Designs here.

What is an Estimate?

An Estimate is basically a “guestimate” or a very rough, educated guess based on what a project might cost. It is usually provided before all of the final details are in place. It can be done over the phone if the customer has basic information like measurements and materials. Or it can be done with a property visit. Estimates can change (up or down) based on Season, Materials, and other circumstances. (Estimates are not legally binding)

What is a Consultation?

A Consultation is usually provided when a Homeowner has an idea of what they want or need but would like the opinion of a professional. Usually, a company has to send someone out beside a basic Estimator. Estimators are trained to take measurements and do some basic analysis of the property but might not have the knowledge needed such as Design, Structural, and Drainage Experience.

What is a Quote?

A Quote or a “quotation”  is the exact price for the job project at hand. It is a fixed price that cannot be changed once it is accepted by the customer. (Except if the customer changes materials, size of the project, etc). Quotes usually have an expiration date to protect the company from material and labor increases. A Quote will give the Customer a piece of mind that as long as nothing changes, they know what they will be paying before and after the project is completed. (Quotes are legally binding)

How to get a Free Landscaping Estimate, Consultation or Quote

How to get a Free Estimate?

There are 2 types of Landscaping Estimates – Phone Estimates and On-Site Estimates.

Phone Estimates: (About 10 Minutes on the Phone) can be done if the customer has a basic idea of what they want and have basic measurements. This type of estimate can save a customer a great amount of time. It will give the customer a basic number so that they know if it fits the budget or not. It allows the customer to either move forward with getting quotes or save some more money. (This type of Estimate costs the Company $0.00 in Wages and Fuel)

A Customer can also take some Rough Measurements and take some basic pictures to email the Estimator for a more precise Estimate.

On-Site Estimates: (About 20-30 Minutes On-Site) If a Customer does not know what type of materials they will be using and does not know how to do basic measurements than they should either do some Online Research or they should ask for a free on-site estimate so that they can explain to the estimator what they want. This will allow the Estimator to also take measurements in order to give the customer a Free Estimate. (This type of Estimate usually costs the Company about $75.00 in Wages and Fuel + about 15 Minutes of Estimator’s Time writing the Estimate)

How to get a Free Consultation?

(About 45-60 Minutes On-Site) A Free Consultation can also be done over the phone but they are more efficient if done on the Site. Usually, a Company will send a Top-Level, Experienced Project Manager or Design Manager to discuss the different options available with the Customer. The Consultant will be able to offer their expertise and share their opinions with the customers so that they can narrow down their options. Sometimes the Consultant will take measurements and sometimes they won’t. The customers might need to talk with other decision-makers and make some final decisions before measurements can be done. (These Consultations usually cost the Company about $100.00-150.00 in Wages & Fuel)

How to get a Free Quote? 

(About 20-30 Minutes) Once you have decided on what exactly it is that you need. From Design, Theme, Material Types & Measurements, then it is important to get a Written Quote so that you can lock down which company you want to use for your project. (These Quotes usually cost the Company the ‘Estimate or Consultation Fee’ + 45-60 minutes of the Estimator’s time drawing up the Quote on a Software Program, making sure that all of the details are in place and sending it to the customer by email).

What’s Next?

Once you’ve decided which company to use, then you can contact the company and ask them to convert the quote into an Agreement or ‘Contract’ with all of the Legal Terms and Warranty information. This will protect you and the company so that you can have a wonderful experience and take the step forward in creating your beautiful outdoors.

San Antonio Landscaping offers the following:

 Phone Estimates – Call (210) 465-7768Email [email protected] or Contact us Online and ask to speak with someone about a Free Over-The-Phone Estimate.

 On-Site Estimates – Book Online, Call (210) 465-7768Email [email protected] or Contact us Online and ask for a Free On-Site Estimate. (We also offer a ‘No Need to be Home’ Estimate if it is for Sod, Ground Covers, or if you are needing a basic Replacement of a Planter, etc. You will still have the opportunity to speak with estimator on the Phone)

✓ Consultations – Book Online, Call (210) 465-7768Email [email protected] or Contact us Online and ask for a Free Consultation. (There might be fewer Appointment Time-Sots available depending on the time of the year)

 Quotes – Book Online, Call (210) 465-7768Email [email protected] or Contact us Online and ask for a Free Written Professional Quote. (Quotes are never handed to the Customer on Site, it is un-professional because a quote should be written on a Software Program and it takes time to get all of the details right).

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