Dry Patches & Circles in a San Antonio Lawn

How to Identify Lawn Circles and Patches in the San Antonio Area

It can be difficult to figure out why your lawn is getting Brown / Yellow Lawn Circles and Patches. But with a bit of information & tips, you can find the culprit and take the measures necessary to deal with the situation.

Lawn Damage Caused by Dog Urine 

Dog Urinating on Lawn - San Antonio

Many times, we come to find out that the Lawn Circles and Patches are caused by our dog’s doing their business. It is important to create a designated area with some Crushed Granite or other Ground Cover & train your dog(s) to go there. Even for those that don’t have dogs, can also get their front lawn damaged by the neighbor’s dog. Those damaged spots can be repaired with some seed, sod or you can just let time do the repairs.

South Texas Grub Worms

White Grub Worm Damage caused in San Antonio Lawns

Grub Worms can cause major damage to a lawn if you don’t take action quickly. The Lawn Circles and Patches created by Grubs are usually irregular in shape. If you can pull a section of grass from the ground as it was a piece of carpet than it is most likely Grub Worms. You can usually tell if you have Grubs if you see any type of digging caused by Birds, groundhogs, and other small animals that are hunting for Grub Worms. White Grubs which are the Larval Form of the June Bug or May Beetle do the most damage to our lawns in the San Antonio Area. Get with your Landscaper so that they can apply a Grub Removal Treatment or go down to your Local Home Depot and get a Grub Killer and apply it yourself.

Lawn Fungal Disease or Fairy Rings

Fungus Lawn Damage in San Antonio

Fungal Patches tend to develop in the beginning or during the Summer Months, especially during dry spells. They don’t tend to develop in the Fall or Winter. You can apply a Fungicide available at Garden Centers to treat the problem of Lawn Circles and Patches caused by these Fungi.

Other Grass Damage Possibilities

There are other reasons why your lawn might develop brown/yellow Lawn Circles and Patches.

Chemicals: Such as Cleaners or Degreasers from washing your vehicle or Power Washing your home, patio, etc.

Fertilizers: The improper application of fertilizers can cause burn spots in our lawns. It is important to water the lawn before and after applying any type of Fertilizer. If you were to grab a handful and put it on your lawn, you would see a burn spot because of it.

Annual Weeds: There are Winter & Summer Weeds that will die before a season starts that can leave holes or spots.

As long as you keep an eye on your lawn and do a bit of detective work, it will be easier to identify any issues which will allow you to take action before it gets worst. Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be glad to help.

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